Vegan strawberry nice cream recipe

Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream | Sugar & Dairy-free, 4 ingredients Ice Cream

They say “you can’t have your cake and eat it”. Well, I have good news for you! Because, in the case of today’s recipe, I’d say that idiom doesn’t hold true. No, it’s not a cake recipe as you might have guessed from the title itself. But, it is a dessert recipe, something luscious, smooth, delicious and relished by one and all, Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream. Evidently, the whole concept of nice creams is that you must be able to make and have a wholesome, dairy-free and sugar-free alternative to regular ice creams. Regular ice creams, although delicious, are filled with refined sugar, artificial colours, saturated fats etc.

Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream is made from only four nutrient-dense, wholesome ingredients which are readily available. Further, the recipe is very quick and simple to make as it barely takes 15 minutes to make this delicious, icy, creamy vegan nice cream. Additionally, I like to top my nice cream with toppings depending on my mood and availability. Some of the toppings I love for this particular Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream are nuts, coconut flakes or powder, cacao nibs, cut fruits, mint leaves etc.

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Serves 2 people

Cooking time 15-20 minutes

Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream Recipe


  • 1 cup frozen strawberries, sliced
  • 1 frozen ripe banana, sliced
  • ¼ cup cashew nuts or kaju
  • 4 soft dates or khajur, deseeded


  1. Firstly, slice frozen strawberries and a banana with a sharp knife, so that it is easier to blend them.
  2. Then, in a mixer blender or a food processor, add pieces of frozen strawberries and banana. Then, cashew nuts (kaju) and soft deseeded dates (khajur).
  3. Blend them on high speed for 10-15 minutes, stopping periodically to scrape down the sides with a flat spoon or spatula.
  4. Moreover, if you like chunky ice cream then don’t blend all the way. Otherwise, blend until you get a smooth paste.
  5. Finally, freeze the Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream for an hour to have good ice cream like consistency. I like to eat it right away as I love a smoother, softer texture in ice creams.


  1. Don’t like or have bananas at hand? Just replace it with frozen mango.
  2. If you don’t shy away from refined sugar and like your ice creams extra sweet, go ahead and add 1-2 tsp of sugar.
  3. I can understand that sometimes, depending on your blender, it might get difficult blending the frozen fruits even after 15 minutes of pulsing. If so, add a little coconut or almond milk. You can even add a little bit of water. It will make this Vegan Strawberry Nice Cream a bit runny though.

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