Chocolate Covered Dates with Peanut Butter Filling Recipe (1)

Chocolate Covered Dates with Peanut Butter Filling Recipe

Chocolate Covered Dates with Peanut Butter Filling is a super delicious, healthy dessert or snack option that doesn’t leave you on a guilt trip. It has only 3-4 simple wholesome ingredients. Importantly, devoid of any refined or processed component, these are very fulfilling and nourishing. These Chocolate Covered Dates are very kid-friendly. I am sure if you make these for your kid, they’ll not be able to keep their hands off this bite-size sweet snack.

Further, Chocolate Covered Dates are filled with unsweetened peanut butter in this recipe. However, if that is not available, you can replace it with any nut butter. Once I also made these by filling sliced nuts and seeds inside dates and it was equally tasty. Furthermore, you can make Chocolate Covered Dates in a huge batch and refrigerate it. Relish it for a week, although I promise you it won’t last that long.

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Serves 5-6 people

Cooking time 30 minutes

Chocolate Covered Dates with Peanut Butter Filling Recipe


  • 10 soft dates
  • 3-4 tbsp peanut butter, unsweetened
  • Dark chocolate, glazed OR cacao powder, honey and coconut milk


  1. Firstly, take 8-10 soft, long dates and slit them from the middle. Carefully take out the pit, and create a gap to fill the peanut butter.
  2. Moreover, make sure that the slit just creates a space or pouch to hold the peanut butter and not split the date into two halves.
  3. Fill the dates with peanut butter and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, using double boiler method to melt a bar of dark chocolate.
  5. Also, if you don’t want to melt a dark chocolate bar, you can make glazed chocolate. Do it by mixing coconut milk, cocoa powder (unsweetened) and honey in a double boiler fashion.
  6. Then, dip each date in the gazed chocolate. Transfer onto a tray or plate.
  7. Refrigerate/ chill for at least 30 minutes, so that the chocolate is set.
  8. Finally, top with nuts, seeds or powdered coconut.

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