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Mint and Peas Pesta Pasta 1
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Mint and Peas Pesto Pasta | Vegan | How to make Mint and Peas Pesto

One of my favourites things to do is experimenting with new and different pasta recipes. Before I go any further I’d like to point out that as the temperature soars, the best kind of pasta to have is pesto as it can be consumed hot, cold or at normal temperature. Having shared two awesome pesto (basil & spinach) recipes already, I thought today I’d share another one. Subsequently, this my super delicious and nutritious Mint and Peas Pesto Pasta recipe is out there in the world now. 🙂

Stuffed capsicum recipe 5
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Stuffed Capsicum Recipe | How To Make Indo Mexican Stuffed Capsicum |

Stuffed Capsicum is not only visually appealing but also incredibly delicious. Moreover, Stuffed Capsicum recipe is very fun and simple to make which is why it is a perfect dish to make for unannounced guests. Also, the vibrant colours make it very appealing to kids and can be packed a school or office lunch. Importantly, it has a very distinct flavour and taste which will make you relish it with great joy.

Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta With Chickpeas 2
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Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta With Chickpeas Recipe

Looking for a fun, offbeat pasta recipe? Well, look no more because I got something special for you here. Evidently, Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta With Chickpeas is such a delicious treat, that it makes you experience an explosion of flavours and texture in your mouth. Moreover, its recipe is extremely simple to make. In short, it’s mainly just mixing up various pasta sauces and roasting some chickpeas on the side and then adding them all together later.

Strawberry Raita Recipe
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Strawberry Raita Recipe With Pomegranate | How To Make Strawberry Raita

Evidently, after seeing a plethora of strawberry recipes on my blog nowadays, you must have realised by now that I’m leaving no stone unturned to make full use of this strawberry season. So, today, I am sharing this Strawberry Raita Recipe which presents a variety of delicious flavours. It’s sweet, tarty, salty and spicy at the same time. Plus, adding chat masala to this strawberry raita recipe just provides an amazing depth of flavour.

Pumpkin Pasta
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Pumpkin Pasta | Dairy-free and Creamy

Pumpkin pasta is a vegan, dairy-free alternative to a classic creamy white sauce pasta. It is extremely flavourful and delicious to eat. This recipe is simple, easy and hassle-free. I would highly recommend giving this a try and even customize it according to your preference. Moreover, apart from the ingredients already mentioned in this Pumpkin Pasta recipe, you can also add things like garlic, onion, veggie broth, dijon mustard, sliced vegetables etc to give it more depth of flavour.

Sunrise Stir Fry Recipe
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Sunrise Veggie Stir Fry Recipe | How to make Sunrise Veggie Stir Fry

Sunrise Veggie Stir Fry is a quick, hassle-free veggie option for dinner or lunch. Besides being so pretty to look at, it is an extremely healthy option.
Sunrise Veggie Stir Fry goes very well with rice or any sort of Indian bread like roti, paratha or naan. Moreover, I love the maroon, red and yellow colour palette of this dish. Because for me, the sheer vibrant rich colours in food draw me to savour them even more.