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Muhammara dip ingredients | muhammara red pepper dip | muhammara recipe
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Muhammara Dip Recipe | Red Pepper Walnut Dip | Lebanese/ Syrian Dip

Muhammara dip is an extraordinarily delicious dip which is very popular in Lebanon but is originally from Syria. Muhammara dip has an intrinsic smoky flavour thanks to the fire roasted red bell peppers/capsicum, a subtle sweetness which originates from pomegranate molasses and an aromatic spicy and savoury flavour. If you’re looking for a perfect dip to serve with your appetizers or just to spread on your bread, Muhammara red pepper dip is a clear winner.

Dips & Chutney

Orange Flavoured Hummus

Hummus is most commonly known as a dip which can be relished with bread (especially pita), fresh veggies like carrots and cucumbers, crackers, nachos and many other things. I’ve also been interested in making some flavoured hummus and sharing the recipe with you guys. So, here it is, Orange hummus. Adding oranges to the classic hummus adds a whole new layer of flavour to this already delicious dip.