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Whole Wheat Fluffy Pancakes

I am all about quick, homemade wholesome breakfasts and what better than delicious pancakes for breakfast, right?. Definitely, these Whole Wheat Fluffy Pancakes can lighten up your morning and give a head start to your day. Importantly, this recipe consists of super simple, fewer and easily accessible ingredients. All in all, these Whole Wheat Fluffy Pancakes are eggless, refined sugar-free, light, fluffy and healthy.


Besan Toast Recipe

Besan Bread chilla is so extremely delicious, healthy and very satiating. It is also a healthier sibling of bread pakoda as pakodas are deep fried but besan chilla is just toasted on a greased flat pan.To make besan bread toast, bread slices are covered in besan (chickpea flour), onion, tomatoes and coriander leaves mixed with salt, spices and then in toasted on a butter or oil greased pan. It tastes best when served hot along with some tomato ketchup.


Warm Chia Pudding with Caramelized Bananas

I have always had colder chia pudding topped with varies fruits, berries and nuts but now that winter is upon us I wanted to have it warm with some complementary ingredients. This warm chia pudding is served with delicious caramelized bananas and lots of cinnamon powder. Any nut butter really goes well with this, so, I am using peanut butter. This combo is not only a delectable treat but also a nutrient-dense winter breakfast which honestly doesn’t take more than 15 minutes provided you have soaked chia seeds in milk the night before.