Hi there! I’m Shradha, the face behind this little recipe blog That Delicious Dish. First off, I’d like to thank you for being curious to know about me apart from the recipes I share with you.

At That Delicious Dish, the aim is to create uncomplicated, easy-to-make, vegetarian recipes. I’ve grown up on fresh homemade food and seen how fulfilling it is to not only eat but cook food at home each day to nourish our body, soul, and overall life. In this day and age, where take-outs, ordering online, and pre-made frozen food is such a popular option amongst young people, I want to be a small yet powerful voice in advocating home cooking and sharing simple yet flavourful recipes.

On a personal note, my ‘food’ story is simple. I love food, always have. But as a kid and teenager, I was always just interested in eating rather than showing any interest in the process of growing, sourcing, and cooking food. In hindsight, that’s because my loving mother always took care of that part and made it all look effortless. It was not until I started living on my own as a working professional in my early 20s that I really started missing and craving that good old home-cooked food. I tried food from different restaurants, online services, and even those Indian tiffin services claiming to be homemade but nothing ‘clicked’. The only option I didn’t try was actually cooking the food myself because I always gave myself naive excuses, “I don’t have time”, “It’s too much work”, “But I don’t even like cooking” and “I didn’t get this education and become an engineer only to go in the kitchen and cook.”. You see, I didn’t realize that cooking should not be restricted to a specific gender. Whether you’re a man or a woman, cooking your own food is not depreciating your professional merits. It’s an essential life skill that everyone should be able to do.

After running out of options, I reluctantly decided to start cooking. I was pleasantly amazed at how much I enjoyed the whole process. Every day, I was looking forward to making my own dinner. I started to recognize flavours, ingredients, and spices. I always had so many questions for friends who cooked themselves. I became this curious child wanting to learn and make more and more dishes. And because I got so involved and in love with cooking, my friends and family started to really love and appreciate all the different dishes I was making for them. Many times, my friends got to taste dishes they never tried before and if they forgot the name they would ask, what was the name of that delicious dish you made the other day? I think it was this love, attachment, and interest I developed in not only eating but growing, sourcing, and cooking food all through my 20s that led me to the direction of starting and growing this blog.

Finally, if you’ve made it here, I’d like to thank you again for supporting my crazy dream of creating this delicious world where I share, love, and cherish good homemade vegetarian food. I also love shooting tasty food photos and have a nice portfolio that you can check out here. To watch new recipe videos every week, go subscribe to my Youtube channel. And finally, follow me on my food adventures every day on Instagram.

Let’s be mindful of what we put in our bodies and have fun with cooking.

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