4 ingredient Nariyal ke Laddu (Oil-free) | DIWALI SPECIAL | Coconut Energy Balls (Oil-free)| How to make Nariyal ke Laddu

Nariyal ke laddu or Coconut energy balls are soft, textured and utterly delicious sweets/desserts. Made from only 4 all natural, wholesome ingredients found easily in Indian kitchens, it is a perfect sweet for making in special and festive occasion of Diwali. These laddus just melt in the mouth and are also comparatively healthier sweets option. There are a lot of recipes and variations in which nariyal laddus can be made but this one in one of the easiest, quickest to make and healthiest options out there.

Nariyal ke laddu is a coconut and milk based sweet which is easy to make and takes less than 15-20 minutes to make. Nariyal ke laddu or Coconut energy balls will stay good for 10-12 days when stored in an airtight container. Please tag us on our social media if you happen to make this recipe.

Serves 10 people

Cooking time 20 minutes


  • 2 cups nariyal powder or desiccated/grated coconut
  • 2 cups full fat milk (vegan option – coconut milk )
  • 1 tbsp elaichi or cardamon  powder
  • 4 tsbp Jaggery or gur powder (or add as per taste)


  1. In a pan add desiccated or powdered coconut or nariyal and dry roast for 2 minutes stirring continuously.
  2. Add full fat milk or coconut milk and keep cooking on low to medium heat until the milk reduces completely and a dry paste is created.
  3. Add elaichi or cardamom powder and jaggery or gur powder.
  4. Let the dry mixture cool down to mildly warm.
  5. Make round balls or laddus with using your hands.
  6. On a plate or tray lay out desiccated or powdered coconut or nariyal  and roll the round balls or laddus on  powdered coconut. The dry powdered coconut will stick to the laddus.

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