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Firtly, can I just say that there so many good things I want to write about this awesome indo-chinese Schezwan sauce that it’s hard to decide where to start. Well, I would say first that just trust me comepletely and make this mouth-watering, versatile Schezwan sauce already because I’m sure it will blow your mind. Seriously, I mean what’s not to like? Obviously, the Schezwan sauce recipe is very easy-to-follow and simple. Also, it uses the same old indo-chinese standard ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. And as far as the taste is concerned, it is hot, fiery, sweet, garlicky, so full of flavour that you’ll have to resist yourself from overeating everytime you relish this Schezwan sauce.

Moreover, this Schezwan sauce is very versatile as you can use it in noodles, fried rice etc. Also, this can be treated as a dip with spring rolls, chips and momos. Not to mention, once you make it, it stays good for a whole entire month in the refrigerator. Finally, one important thing to remember is that because this Schezwan sauce recipe uses so many red chillies, it has a lot of heat so when you have it, it initially gives a sweet and garlicky taste but gradually the spice and fire grows in your mouth.

Additionally, If you like this Schezwan Sauce recipe, I am happy to let you know that I have many other Indo-chinese recipes on my blog. Some of my favourites are Chilli Garlic Mushroom, Vegetable Lo Mein, Crispy Chilli Garlic Baby Corn. Also, if you make any of my recipes, I’d love to see your beautiful creations. So, please don’t forget to share and tag me in your post on Instagram.

Serves 20 people

Prepration Time 30 minutes Cooking time 15 minutes

Schezwan Sauce Recipe


Kitchen tools used


  1. First, soak whole red chillies in hot water for about half an hour (30 minutes).
  2. Then, drain out the water and add red chillies in a blender. Blend to make a paste.
  3. Next, in a frying pan add and heat oil. Add chopped garlic and onions and sauté until they are golden brown and translucent.
  4. Further, add the red chilli paste and mix well.
  5. Then, add salt, black pepper powder, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and mix well.
  6. Next, cover with lid and cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
  7. Finally, once it cools down, store it in a clean glass jar and store in refrigerator for a month.



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